Now Available: Soft Relaxed & Kinky Blowout

New Textures, Endless Possibilities

Developed to blend & match with your client’s natural hair, The Coveted Tape Collection welcomes these beautiful textured wefts. Start styling with Textures today.


Match Your Client’s Texture

The Soft Relaxed & Kinky Blowout textures are both created from ethically sourced, steam-pressed, Asian-Remy wefts that match the sheen & color of textured hair.

Textured Kinky Blowout
Achieve gorgeous curls with a soft bounce… Using nets to create uniform wrinkles and crinkles in the hair shaft, Kinky Blowout seamlessly blends with 4b and 4c curl types and can be installed & removed in just minutes.

Soft Relaxed
Deliver a smooth, silky shine with a subtle touch of volume… Designed to mimic chemically relaxed hair, the Soft Relaxed texture holds its shape and velvety sheen without hair damage.

Meet Covet & Mane’s® New Shades: Brooklyn, London, and Dubai
Covet & Mane


a Cool Black, like Ash Black

London offers a deep, consistent black, creating a sleek and intense look with its cool undertones. This glossy shade is perfect as a solid base color or to add cool, dark notes to your brunette installs.

Covet & Mane


Off-Black (most common, darkest brown)

Brooklyn introduces a dimensional off black with soft undertones creating a rich brunette. This glossy shade is perfect as a solid base color or to add warm tones or contrast darker notes to your brunette installs.

Covet & Mane


A dark brown root lowlighted into a medium ashy brown

Dubai features a dark brown root gracefully transitioning to dimensional caramel tones and it’s the ultimate blend to add to your brunette installs. Dubai's darker root anchors the look, adding a sense of depth to create a sleek and polished blend.


Important Maintenance Tip

Same as the Silky Straight wefts, always be sure to use a heat protectant when styling. For more info on Care & Maintenance, check out our up-to-date FAQ at the link below.

Covet & Mane

What’s New with Textures

C&M’s Asian Remy vs. Indian Temple Hair

For Silky Straight wefts, we source Indian Temple hair that’s fine, strong, and easy to style.

For Textured wefts, we source Asian Remy hair that keeps its pattern and offers a velvety sheen that blends with coarse hair or fine hair that’s styled & textured.

Learn more about C&M’s quality standards

New Wefts, Same Commitment to Quality

We offer only ethically sourced, high-quality hair, thoroughly sorted & tested to meet our quality standards – click to learn more about our stringent sourcing & manufacturing process today.

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Welcome to The Coveted Tape Collection

Multi-cutpoint tape-in wefts allow stylists to create limitless looks. Easy installation and removal in less than five minutes. Same quality & commitment to ethical sourcing as our hand-tied wefts.